It’s Subaru’s birthday❤️Year 2017


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Subaru-kun is here, everyone!

Personally, I (the writer) consider every character to be the protagonist of “Ensemble Stars!”. But if I had to choose one person, then he would be Subaru, the one who’s the center of the main story (the game icon is also him).

The truth is: there were not much about him, about how he felt, what he was thinking about, how he spent his days as a protagonist. Some small portions of those mysteries have been revealed over the past year.


Everyone is the main character of their own life. But there exist some people who make us think “This person is the protagonist of the world I live in”. To put it simply, they are everyone’s leader, the one who possesses an extraordinary aura.

Subaru-kun is that kind of person, people who see him think “Aah, this guy is ‘the main character'”, do they not? Maybe the reason why he makes they think that way is because he’s the son of a great idol who used to dominate the previous generation, but he himself has talents too. Or maybe he can let you feel that there are even more sparkling things around.


From the viewpoint of an outsider, a boy who shines as bright as the sun like him must have been walking on a path filled with light. Any obstacles on his path are only served to spice up his happy ending. From a resentful point of view, we may think that “He, the protagonist, is going to be happy anyway, isn’t he?” just like in a movie where there will always exist the “and they all lived happily ever after”.


But he’s more lonely than what people have thought.

He has never done anything bad.

In the past, all he wanted was to become friends with everyone. He came to this school to become an idol, he told others to do their best, he wanted to encourage them and laugh with them. But no one had ever done the same to him.


Subaru to Natsume in Spring Cherry Blossoms and a Night’s Encounter: “Sorry! I said something weird again. Once in a while, when I say something, my surroundings suddenly become so quiet.”

There must have been many people who had been holding a sense of inferiority complex inside, they placed Subaru above them. Moreover, that time, being different was not considered a good thing so people found it difficult to get near a student who stood out.

He wants to be a sparkling idol like his dad, he wants to make smiles bloom on people’s faces. But dad is no longer here so he has to think of a way all by himself.

He thought that if he were to be all alone forever then even if he got any shiny things he couldn’t share it with his friends at all because there weren’t any. He glued that smile onto his face and acted like a pierrot.


Subaru in Spring Cherry Blossoms and a Night’s Encounter: “Dad was like this too. At the very least, I wish I had a comrade whom I can rely on.”

At that moment, came to him a small miracle.


Subaru to Makoto in Spring Cherry Blossoms and a Night’s Encounter: “Two” is better than “one”, huh? Better than “two” is “many”!”

No matter how different are their places of birth or their circumstances, they (Trickstar’s members) are friends who are doing what it takes to fill in the missing pieces of their hearts. He’s glad that he’s not alone, when he’s with his friends, he can share not only joy but also pain. Like that, he can become stronger. With each of them becoming strong, they can face against even a gigantic enemy or the indestructible wall.


He has had many sparkling experiences and we’re sure you know what they are.

In spring, he was so happy that he met everyone, he was in a high spirit that knew no restraint.



Subaru in Sakurafes: “Bring it on! You well bred, smart-talking young master!” (Hokuto just taunted Subaru earlier, telling him to quit whining and settle things with fists)

At that same time, he felt that his happiness was not only “defeating the enemies to create a happy ending”, that happiness was also his comrades, the great people who fought alongside him.


Subaru to Eichi: “There are always strong rivals who are by your side whom you must fight and surpass. That is happiness to me.”

In summer, there were fireworks of all sizes. There were his friends’ smiles which shone as bright as the fireworks.



Subaru to Mao in A Midsummer Night’s Dream: “Right now, we are getting along well with each other, we’re the invincible “Trickstar”! Isn’t it a good thing that things are going well now!”


In fall, they challenged themselves to something they hadn’t tried before, they were able to see a different kind of “sparkle”.


Subaru to Makoto in Rockfes: “That’s true. There’re many clinking accessories, huh. Ahaha, glittering.”

Finally, in winter, the big stage (Daigakura) that decided all.

Even if we didn’t know what the results were, just by looking at Subaru’s words and smiles after the battle ended, it was clear that how the results turned out was not important, it’s not difficult to imagine that how many sources of energy that needed for his growth that every experience of his up until then had become and such experience had become his sparkling memory.



Subaru in Daigakura: “Although we can’t change the past where we hated and fought each other, if we do our best now then we can change the future.”

Then spring came once again. He was finally able to laugh together with the rival with whom he had fought with all his might.


Eichi to Subaru in Baton Pass: “Me too, Subaru-kun. Aa, I’m glad I was born”

Just one spring before, he was a “nobody”. But then he met his friends whose chests were lit up by the light called “possibility” and together, they created “stars”.

Even now, he cherishes that light and will never abandon it.


Subaru to Hokuto in Spring Cherry Blossoms and a Night’s Encounter: “Everyone was the same, right? Although they feel agonized, their hopes did not disappear.”

That time, that day… His story began when he took his friends’ hands in his. The “sparks” he has always talked about are hopes, they can reach a very very far away place with speed of light.

He is no longer a lonely protagonist.

He’ll hold his friends’ hands, who are standing on the same stage as he is, then he’ll take our hands, who are running after him and take us to somewhere filled with unfamiliar light. We believe that day will definitely come.

Happy birthday, Subaru-kun!



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