It’s Sora’s birthda❤️Year 2017

Original post:

Sora-kun is here, everyone!


This is Sora-kun’s first birthday since the summer when he first appeared in Enstars!

To tell the truth, there’re many things we still don’t know about this boy: what kind of family has he been raised in? Why did he decide to become an idol? What had he been doing before he went to Yumenosaki?

It was difficult to write about him, but I (the author) did my best to do that (I also put in some of my own imagination)


Now then.

The first thing that we know about him is that he possesses synesthesia which allows him to feel sounds and smells as “colors”.


Sora: “Sora’s ears are good. But Sora actually sees sounds rather than hear sounds. The sound of water is mostly blue.”


Sora to Tsumugi: “Senpai, you have a pretty gloomy “color”. What’s wrong? Are there anything Sora can do?”

He’s good at parkour. He refers running on walls to running on the ground.


Sora in Setsubun: “Sora is fine! Ground and walls are the same things to Sora! Nothing, no one can stop Sora”

But he is also well-behaved. He’s a “good kid” in front of people.


Sora to Rei in Setsubun: “Sora will be kind to Uncle.”

If you notice, he always laughs. He always laughs with everyone, he always makes it seem fun and happy.


Sora to Mitsuru in 2016’s Halloween: “If Mitsu-chan is happy, Sora is happy too! Hu Hu, the world is so colorful today as well.”


Mika to Sora in 2016’s Halloween: “The guys from “Switch” just need to get on stage and people will become happy, huh”

But Sora-kun used to be lonely judging from his words, maybe because he was a little eccentric.


Sora to Hinata in Setsubun: “Sora used to play games all by himself at home.”

Being different is not a bad thing at all. But in a place where people won’t approve of it as a good thing, then it’s certainly bad. Sora didn’t have any mean intentions. That’s why when people stopped being friends with him, he thought “Why?”, he was convinced that “being eccentric” was the reason for his loneliness.


Sora to Hinata in 2016’s Halloween: “Sora has been told that a lot! Is Hina-chan gonna hate Sora because he’s weird…?”

Personally, I have many favorite lines in “Enstars”. But among many lines, there is this one line that is as clear as water, but it captures everything’s true nature firmly.


Sora in Setsubun: “Not only Sora, but everyone sees different things, feels different things, everyone is not the same.”


Sora in Setsubun: “Everyone has his own world. You can’t meddle in that world.”

What he said is true, no matter how we wish, we can’t manipulate people’s hearts to our will. Because people’s emotions are born within themselves. A person’s birthplace, time of birth, their acquaintances, words they’ve heard and words they’ve said are all different, not a single person is the same as the other, a person’s world belongs to that person only.

Even if things are not going well in his world, even if he feels that the world is so painful, it’s not easy for him to escape from it. But if you can accept the truth and realize that you’re the only one who can create the world up ahead this moment, then you’ll be surprisingly at ease. The people who have given Sora the chance to do so are no one else but his “Senpais”


Sora in 2016’s Halloween: “Everyone told me “Come here”, “You can stay”… They gently pulled my hands and brought me along with them. That’s why Sora will return their favors.”

Everything has reason and everything happens in order. Happiness comes to a person at the best timing, Sora has accepted and comprehended that.


Sora to Hinata in Setsubun: “That’s why… Sora has never thought that it’d been so much better if he’d met Hina-chan when he was lonely.”

We have mentioned this but Sora is a “different being that’s not a human”, if we were to tell the truth. Like his name suggests, maybe he’s an “Alien”? (tl’s note: Alien (宇宙人) has the word “宙” which is Sora’s name). No, something more different, he is “future”, he somehow seems like “hope” itself.

For example, if this world were to be a jigsaw puzzle, Sora’s role wouldn’t be collecting the pieces, but instead, he would be the one to paint the world with shiny color once all pieces were gathered, that’s his magic.


This boy probably knows the truth and how the world works. Then inside him, his world is becoming larger like the universe literally, that universe is filled with happiness, but they can’t be expressed with words so that’s why he laughs and sings.


Sora: “Yeah~? But songs exist to express what you want to make clear but you’re unable to! So Sora will sing, HaHiHuHeHo~…!”


He is future, hope, jewel and finally miracle.


His existence will make the magic of this world perfect.

His singing voice and smile resonate through this world, the world that has been completely wrapped in his magic.

A magic that no one wants to break. When we finally realize, everyone’s face has been filled with a smile, that magic is such a happy thing.


Happy birthday, Sora-kun!


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