It’s Hajime’s birthday❤️Year 2017

Original post:

Hajime-kun is here, everyone!

Without delay, allow me to show you my favorite card of his in the past year.

Yup, an angel!!

Yup, so cute!!

Just by looking at Hajime’s CGs, I feel as if my heart is purified…!!

That’s being said, he has brought his angelic side into full play during the past year.

A clumsy angel!!

Even so, I was a little shocked. We could say that there were many lines that revealed his undiscovered side, things that we couldn’t overlook.

Hajime in Rosicrucian: “Eh? Ahaha, I wonder… Are we that close?” (Wataru wanted Tomoya to dress as a princess so Tomoya asked Hajime if he were close with Eichi and the rich people of his class or not so that he himself could learn how to be a noble from them)

Hajime to Tsumugi: “My role is probably a “convenient boy””

Those are real words coming from a fluffy and gentle boy. This time, let us think about Hajime-kun again with those lines as the starting points.

It’s no doubt that he is kind and always works hard. Even if he’s being in a disadvantageous position (for example: his economic conditions, working hard and earnestly for his unit), he will never say bad or negative things. If this kid weren’t a good boy, then what would the definition of “good” turn into? So the people around all think that he’s a good boy.

Arashi to Hajime in Holiday: “Oh my, thank you. You’re a good boy. I’m glad I was saved quickly”

Kanata to Hajime in Starry night: “Hajime is a kind boy. Fufufu, good boy, good boy.”

Nazuna to Hajime: “You’re so reliable, Hajime-chin! Good boy, good boy, I love you~”

But no matter how much everyone and his senpais love him, he does not seem to be in high spirit at all, he will just accept his duty quietly. If you notice, he only does the jobs he is told to do, he never interferes more than he has to. This boy gives us an impression that he understands things.

Hajime to Eichi: “From now on, I will properly call you “Eichi Onii-chan”…~”

Hajime to Midori: “Is that so? I’m glad, I’m in “Ra*bits”…I’m the small animal that everyone is healed by looking at me. Ehehe, byon byon~”

He never tries to stand out more than other people do, he always prioritizes making others feel happy. Maybe because he has been a “Big brother” who gives priority to his siblings.

So that means he’s not getting along with people? Personally, my answer to that question is NO, he devotes himself to the people around him because he cherishes them. He’s very happy when he’s useful to them and when someone relies on him. However, he has a power to “accomplish” tasks that a person who simply wants to do good things doesn’t.

Hajime to Subaru: “That’s why I must do my best. I’m slow so I have to work twice or three times harder.”

Hajime: “Please tell me what I need to do anytime. Even though I might not be reliable…~”

The story of Enstars started with the revolution that occurred within Yumenosaki. The center of the story were the revolutionists and the ones who were against them, however, Hajime’s tears were also one of the reasons why the story began.

Hajime: “I also lost the “S2″. I felt the bitterness of defeat and tears, I think I have come to understand those bit.”

He likes drawing, reading and studying, those are the things that if you try hard enough, you’ll achieve something. But there still exist things that even if you struggle, you’ll still can’t win. Sometimes, there are things that happen through a complicated process and you can’t simply call them “unreasonable”. He’s smart, so he understands his “role” quickly. He recognized himself and his friends were there for him, that was why he was able to stand up and he didn’t let it end in a regrettable way. His power is stronger with the ones he loves by his side.

Mitsuru: “Um um, Hajime is the type of guy who always works hard! You can do it if you try”

Nazuna: “Um um, Hajime always works hard. Nii-chan is cheering on you~”

Now that I’ve looked at the CGs again, he makes the finest expression when he’s doing something “for someone’s sake”.

He cares about his fellows, his senpais, everyone’s happiness from the bottom of his heart, not just on the surface. Last year, we said “he is strong despite looking frail, his strength must be “the strength of faith”

Hajime: “I’ll do my current work thoroughly. I’ll advance forward one step at a time like that.”

Hajime: “Someday, I’ll get the things I want, even just a few”

He believes in his friends, they are standing side by side and moving forward together, he gradually starts to believe in himself too. If you head forward with a determined heart, then someday, you will reach the place you have been aiming for. Everyone is wishing for his happiness just like how he’s wishing for theirs and like that, their wishes will spread further.
His wish will surely comes true, thanks to everyone, it’s more certain sure that it will. To me, Hajime-kun resembles an angel who brings happiness.

Happy birthday, Hajime-kun!


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