It’s Koga’s birthday❤️Year 2017

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Koga-kun is here, everyone!

He’s an aloof doggi…No wait, he’s a wolf, he’s Koga-kun.


Koga in Rock fes: “I can’t get fired up by wearing uniform! I have to wear something that fits him, then he’ll challenge his opponents and beat them up…!”

Eekk! That sounds dangerous!!

No matter if he’s a dog or a wolf, it is undeniable that he’s a wild boy.

But the people in Yumenosaki who have seen him know that he’s not always like that. In the past year, he’s been seemingly scary as usual but he has also shown a gentle side of his.


Koga to Rei: “There’s not enough help and I can’t stand seeing that wimpy glasses working his ass off to carry those machines so I’m giving him a hand.”


Koga to Tsukasa: “Y…y…ya don’t look OK so I’m worried! What happened? How can I f*ckin’ understand anything if ya keep crying?!”


Koga to Hinata: “Hm… I don’t want butt in your family’s business but talk to me if anything happens”

Last year’s spring, we’d gotten to know something new about him a little. He wasn’t good with people back then, why he wanted to be all by himself that much?


Koga to Subaru in Reminiscence*Spring Cherry Blossoms and a Night’s Encounter: “Huh?…Ya came to this academy to look for friends? Or do ya want to become an idol?”

Now if we read every story that features him once again, there’s no doubt that’s he is basically a “Wild Beast”, his words and actions are just like one. A wolf that relies on instinct, a wolf that travels alone.


He’s not good with the heat and when he moves his body, he’ll become full of energy. Apart from this…

He has a strong territorial consciousness, he stays faithful to his own rules. When that conscience of his agrees with the world’s common rules and common sense, everything he says is “very upright”. That’s why sometimes, he can also be a “decent person”.


Koga to Rei: “Touching other bands’ properties is bad manner. Respect others’ territory a bit, okay!”


Koga to Kaoru: “Well, a kouhai’s duty is running errand”


Koga: “But I ain’t good with this kind of place (game center). It’s fuckin’ noisy, I feel like my ears are becoming dull. Do they allow smoking here? ‘Cause this place reeks of smoke!”

In his case, we can’t say he’s a good boy, he’s just simply following his own rules. On the other hand, he also speaks and acts unpredictably.


Koga: “Now be thankful and enjoy the ecstasy of being the prey, Rock n’ Roll!”


Koga to Keito: “What’s so bad about being noisy anyway? This is rock, the thing that makes the earth tremble with a high volume…!”

He was aware of his goal of becoming an idol since the very start. He wanted to sing, he wanted to become number one, become a person admired by everyone. He realized that only he himself could solve his own problems very early, so he has always prepared to struggle all alone. He relies on instinct, but at the same time, he has a strong determination which allows him to decide what is right while moving forward.


Koga in Reminiscence*Spring Cherry Blossoms and a Night’s Encounter: “I’m different, I’m fine by myself. I’ll devour everything and turn them into food.”

To him, facing against someone means “competition”, “victory and defeat” is the most important things. He observes his surrounding very well, he seems like a smart boy, but there are some kinds of awkwardness caused by “victory and defeat” that can sweep away relationships  (this sounds very wild). He doesn’t approve of defeat with every fiber of his being, being defeated will affect his life’s value, that’s why he desperately tries not to lose. But he doesn’t know how strong his fangs are, so when he hurts his opponent and makes them bleed, he will come to understand a kind of pain.


Koga: “Good, good. That’s fine, I ain’t gonna hurt you again so spare me, okay~”

But where he’s living now isn’t the wild, it’s a “school”, where people with different thoughts and goals are co-existing. It’s a place where consideration is necessary, some relationships you make here can’t be solved by fighting each other. He decided to act all alone but when he got in some troubles which he couldn’t do anything about them by himself, his “friends” were there to help him, not his “rivals”. Maybe that was the first time he’d known of the word “friend”.


By interacting with warm things, he’s gradually changed, he has had many experiences, he has come to know many things, he is slowly becoming an adult, isn’t he? Just last year, his boy made the decision to be alone.


Koga in Reminiscence*Spring Cherry Blossoms and a Night’s Encounter: “It’s fine, even if I’m by myself.”

Singing with a smile that comes from the bottom of his heart.


Standing together hand in hand with his friends.


Koga in Repayment Fes: “We are UNDEAD!”

Everything is not just a “battle”, but also a “bond” that will last forever.


Koga to Rei: “Who are ya talkin’ to? UNDEAD is more fired up with ya here so try not to be too exhausted and collapse, okay~”

Wild wolf possesses a strength that surpasses a human being’s power and a fascinating lifestyle. If that wolf learns of love and has important things to protect then how strong will he become?


I have faith in him, let’s wait and see

Happy birthday, Koga-kun!


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