It’s Hiyori’s birthday❤️Year 2017

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Hiyori-kun is here, everyone!

He’s a character from a different school within the “Ensemble Stars!” universe…!


Hiyori in Summer Live: “Now then, everyone must have been eagerly waiting for me. I’m Hiyori from “Eve”…~”

He belongs to a veteran unit called “Eve” of “Reimei Academy” which specializes in training idols, similar to Yumenosaki.

In the main story, fine and Trickstar had a showdown to decide who would get the right to appear in “SS”, a large competition of the idol industry held at the end of the year. Now, to participate in a joint live (a preliminary match) before making their appearance in that “SS”, “Eve” has come to Yumenosaki.

There’s one more thing about Hiyori that I want to tell you. He used to be a member of “fine”, the unit that defeated the “Five oddballs”.


Tsumugi in Magician Assemble: “It seems that Hiyori has been spending the money that Eichi gave him like water and playing around with his fans.”

That was how he was described when he was still in Yumenosaki. There must have been a lot of players questioning about his egoism, well then, let us see the answers…


Hiyori in his sub story: “Um um! It’s okay, I’ll help you pick up the things that are scattering on the ground.”

He always smiles, he has a gentle tone of voice and he doesn’t seem to be an over-bearing person. Eh…He makes me think of an expectedly good boy…


Hiyori in his sub story: “Eh? Do you have a problem with that? What right do you have?”


Hiyori in his sub story: “I really hate that…You’re indeed a lovely girl, but I still want to tear your skin off your face.”

Ah, this person is (just like his profile suggests) very self-centric, huh!!

Due to his nature of being a noble, he always thinks of himself as the best and his “words” are a little severe.


Hiyori in his sub story: “Himemiya… Ah, the kid who’s sticking to Eichi-kun like a suckerfish, right?”


Hiyori to Eichi in his sub story: “I’m no longer a member of “fine”, as well as your “pawn”, yeah? You don’t have any big impacts in my life anymore, we have nothing to do with each other now!”


Hiyori to Hokuto in Summer Live: “The agency has given us the order so we’ll participate in it (Summer Live) with you guys (Trickstar). To be honest, I don’t want to stand on the stage with some minor roles like you at all.”

I bet there’ll be two sides of us: the ones who like and the ones who dislike…!

But thanks to this event we can now see him more clearly, we can see that Hiyori-kun does not have any bad intentions, he just says whatever he has in mind.

Usually, when people want to get close to each other, they will use any means available like “flattering”, “trying to climb up to a higher position” and also “telling lies”. As for Hiyori-kun, he says his “true thoughts” most of the time, uprightly.


Should we praise him for “being honest” or should we (with our affectionate hearts) see him as an “innocent boy who never thinks twice”?

Hiyori-kun thinks of himself as an excellent person while considering most other people to be “lower”. But he will never step on any bugs under his feet, he’s not that cruel (even so, he’s still the type of person who thinks that it’s natural for people to make way for his own sake)


Eichi to Hokuto in Summer Live: “It’s easier to deal with Hiyori-kun compared to Nagisa-kun, who is quite elusive. Moreover, Hiyori-kun possesses the mercy of a noble, so even in the worst case…he won’t kill you.”

Besides “the mercy of a noble”, he also has many common wishes that a human being would have, like: “not wanting people to forget him”, “not wanting people to hate him”, “wanting to be loved”. He is himself, he supposes that there’s no need to put up a facade and hide away his “real thoughts”, the “real thoughts” that people normally wouldn’t want to speak out. That must also be the reason why he decided to become an idol.


Hiyori in his sub story: “I don’t want to be late for the meeting, I seriously can’t bear seeing people hate me!”


Hiyori to Hokuto in Summer Live: “There are some problems with my personality but the audience will love me anyway if I put up an excellent performance.”


Jun in Summer Live: “Just thinking about comforting the sad Ohii-san when he thinks someone hates him is such a pain.”

What he gives and what he receives are one the same, “love”. And after that, “joy”. In the gap between the stage and the audience seating is bright and filled with happy energy, even if he’s somehow feeling sad, the spectators will never find out. That’s what you call an “Idol”.


Hiyori in Summer Live: “However! It’s natural for you (Trickstar) to be loved by the sun and God! For the humans who cannot be God, it’s truly scarce, miraculous and beautiful that they can turn into “idols”.”


Hiyori in Summer Live: “Idols! They’re such lovely beings…~”

To an idol, the important thing is to understand how things really work and put all of your knowledge about them into practice. On stage, he shows everyone a beautiful sparkling light like a professional. Next up, the people will entrust every value to that “idol”, the admired being that is neither a deity nor a hero from the bible or myths, everyone’s love for “idol” is big, they find miracle in “idol”, which is was also a kind of wish, a wish that led to the revolution within Yumenosaki. Can he fulfill it (everyone’s wish and expectation)? As an idol, how high can he climb up?


Hiyori in Summer Live: “The terrible heat is making me feel dizzy, but I’m fine thank you…~”

He’s leading you to a beautiful world that overflows with love, where there are no dark clouds can be seen.

Once you come to that paradise, Hiyori-kun will show you a brilliant radiance that you’ve never seen before. After that, you may feel excited about the next place he’s going to take you to.

Happy birthday, Hiyori-kun!



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