It’s Tsumugi’s birthday❤️Year 2017

Original post:

Tsumugi-san is here, everyone!

It has been a year since the day he made his debut, one year means it’s about time for his birthday, so today, allow me to tell you about him after almost a year.


Tsumugi: “Oh, sorry for being late in introducing. I’m Aoba Tsumugi, I’m in the unit “Switch”, same as Natsume-kun”

People’s impressions of him vary a lot. For example, many receivers (readers) reading the same story, but depending on the different point of view and angle, each of them may feel differently “This character is like this!”. Each receiver has his/her own way of interpreting. In the story “Ensemble Stars!”, the impressions about him are pretty different from each other, are they not?


Currently, there’s not enough material for me to write this article, but I’ve tried my best to. As always, this article is one of many interpretations about Tsumugi.

Now then.

There are many people think of Tsumugi as “a person who has gone through many misfortunes”. At any rate, he himself has said so…


Tsumugi to Natsume in Magician Assemble: “Ahaha, since then, my parents had been involved in a different religion. They went bankrupt and divorced and married again, a lot happened.”

It can’t be helped that he is into thing Feng Shui or fortune-telling. Some think of him as a person who’s insensitive to pain.


Eichi to Tsumugi in Magician Assemble: “That’s only you, Tsumugi. In the end, everything is just other people’s affair to you.”


Rei to Tsumugi in Magician Assemble: “You make me feel unpleasant as always… You’ve met so many detestable things that you can’t be hurt anymore, huh?”

040769891eb3eadb145588373862f984.jpgNatsume to Tsumugi in Magician Assemble: Hey you, why are you smiling so foolishly like that? Don’t you feel anything?”

Even after hearing any painful words, he can still smile. He has gone through many pains, so maybe that’s why he has become insensitive to them.

And sometimes, he is a dry humorist.


Tsumugi to Eichi in Magician Assemble: “By just throwing away a useless person like me, you can nullify a fatal damage once, right?”


Tsumugi to Mika: “Things like bribe and rights are lube of this society.”


Tsumugi to Shu: “Oh no, Shu-kun is the one talking, right? Is this ventriloquism?”

Things he says are quite “just” (Unless you change the angle). But normally, he wants people to think good about him and at the same time, he doesn’t want to make the atmosphere bad he always tries to say politely, even when he understands the “true nature” of those things.

Besides that, he also loves everyone and wishes for their’s happiness. He sometimes prioritizes to help others first.


Tsumugi to Eichi in Magician Assemble: “I’m not good at dealing with things. If I endure all the hardships, then everyone else will live a happy life carefreely.”


Tsumugi to Natsume: “Please be at ease. I always love everyone”

I’ve tried to write in a well-organized way but he’s such a complicated person. Like that, he looks like a person who has a commanding view of other worlds (excluding his world), and he is not just a bystander, I see him as a “deity”. If you think “deity” is too exaggerated, then how about “clergy”? He may look as if he leaving us, or worse, abandon us and just stand there looking. But on the other hand, he loves human, he wants to weave for them a happy life. His dry remarks are to help them walk in the right direction. He does not want to show his injured self so he won’t let negative things like the one in his life interfere with theirs because he knows what the darkest, saddest abyss is.


Tsumugi in Magician Assemble: “Hell has no bottom, doesn’t it?”

“He is insensitive to pain” (in my opinion) means “he won’t show (that he’s in pain)”, when there’s something sad, of course, he (a caring person) is still hurt. That’s why he let the source of that sadness point toward himself.


Tsumugi in Magician Assemble: “I left Eichi-kun on the stage all by himself. I won’t repeat the same mistake ever again.”

If you can’t love yourself, then you can’t be happy. But for Tsumugi, people’s happiness is his happiness. If you think about it thoroughly, he wishes for everyone’s happiness that much, which means he has the potential to become happier than anyone else. If he can make others shine, then he himself can shine too. The moment he obtains that power, he will become more dazzling than anything. I’m sure his close friends can feel that.


Natsume to Tsumugi in 2016’s Halloween: “Whose fault do you think it is? Oh well, sadly, your opinions are mostly correct.”


Sora to Tsumugi: “HuHu~ That’s right, Senpai is a splendid person! No matter what color is it, you can make it shine even brighter, such an unrivaled wizard~”

In this place, he has been changing little by little (he’s said that)


Tsumugi to Mika: “That was the necessary cost for us to be here and sew in peace, surely.”

His past self had to struggle to reach the place where he’s standing right now. His current thoughts belong to this moment only, “he” of the present is far ahead “he” of the past. And from now on, for Tsumugi to become happy, he must first make up his mind to strive for happiness and accept that decision. For that to come true, a prayer, a good luck charm or a moment of soliloquy will do. your magic will be much stronger if you put it into shape.

He might be the blue bird of happiness. But have he realized yet? What does he think about the happiness of his life? I do not know the answers to them. But with a small chance, the world may change. Maybe someday, he’ll realize that by picking up small pieces of happiness and weave them, he’ll have a big happiness.


Tsumugi: “I’m looking forward to that and I’m wishing as well. I’ll live on, today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow too.”

The moment you wish for something, your feeling shall become magic. To put in words…When you say your wish, it will touch people’s eyes, it’ll shake the air and spread all over the world.

He wishes for the happiness of all living beings, his wish is stronger than anyone else’s wish and so his magic is like that as well.

I don’t know if this will become his good luck charm or not, but, I want to send these words to him on the day he was born.

“Love that’s filled with warm radiance to the one who wishes for a new day to shines upon all things. That day will surely come in the near future.”

Happy birthday, Tsumugi-san!



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