It’s Kanata’s birthday❤️Year 2017

Original post:

Kanata-kun is here, everyone!

I present you this article as my goal is to tell the charm of that character. Everyone has his own good points and flaws, to introduce idols that who can be interpreted in different ways, it’s quite difficult, to be honest.

Among them, the one stands on top of the difficulty chart is Kanata-kun, this person here…!

The reason is that I’ve been wondering if I can feel him. Over one year, until now, there are not much about him. The stories about his past, his background haven’t been told yet.

Even though there are few stories, but I have a feeling that we can still catch a glimpse of many “real things” in his words. So this time, his words are the center, I’ll try to unveil the person called Kanata-kun.

He’s not talkative at all, his words are slowly and slowly spoken.

Kanata in Baton Pass: “Please be a “good child” forever. The earth, this “world” is “kind” to good child…~”

Kanata in Eccentric: “I like “sweet” things~ Because there’s not much of this “taste” in the “sea””

Kanata in Wisteria of May: “Eh, are you scared? It’s alright~, won’t you try to eat it?”

His words are calm and gentle, but I can hear the sounds of the deep meanings hidden in there.

Kanata in Eccentric: “Then… Um~, I want you to “forget” about my “family””

Kanata to Kaoru in Baton Pass: “Fufu, because I am the “child” of “monster””

Since long ago, he has been a person who is apathetic to his surrounding. In the academy, many people count him as one of the “geniuses”, but to him, things from before as well as the precious memories of the day he has spent with his friends seem to be somewhat painful memories.

Kanata in Scroll of the elements: “”We” couldn’t use “magic”, though we were called “monsters””

Kanata in Scroll of the elements: “There was no “way” to “fight against” that bitter “reality””

This maybe because of the things from that time, he’s not the type of person to harbor ill feeling toward anyone, but here, he unexpectedly determinedly shows his rejection.

Kanata to Eichi in Baton Pass: “I want to throw those “feelings” down a drain”

Kanata to Madara in Wisteria of May: “Urgh… Please don’t get too over-familiar with me, it’s unpleasant”

…As I thought, I don’t understand him well, a person who can’t be seen in any way. But I think that that’s fine.

I went ahead and wrote this article, but it’s impossible to understand someone 100%.

A human being is like a universe, in there, feelings are the countless stars. There are newborn stars, as well as stars that have changed their forms as time passes, there are vanishing stars too. There’s only a small part of stars that are visible to people, that’s why to completely understand someone is impossible and maybe even understanding yourself is so as well.

Kanata in Wisteria of May: “Because the “world” where everyone lives is different from eachother.”

Kanata-kun…in Kanata-kun’s case, I think it’s fine to compare him with the sea. The place where he’s showing such an expression here is on the beach with the horizon from afar. Sometimes, when a big wave rises, many unexpected things that we find astonishing will be washed to the shore. But the sea is endlessly vast and deep, like how we can only see a small part of Kanata, we only see a small part of the sea. To force them to show us about them is impossible, but there’s no need to force anyone.

Though people can’t comprehend each other completely, they’re still trying to do that, they’re trying to know each other better. As for the reason why, because there’s love.

From the world where he’d been living, someone took his hands and so he came to the “land”. In there, he was given a “place to belong”, a warm place, a good place that gives him comfort. There must be a lot of his friends who become confused about him for being a little strange unlike them. But if there’s something he and they can’t understand, it’s fine to discuss with each other, to tell each other things that you don’t know yet. Like that, bit by bit, they’ve come to see through each other’s hearts, come to understand each other, Kanata-kun and everyone.

Kaoru to Kanata in Baton Pass: “No no, it’s natural to cause each other trouble and burden, isn’t it? Everyone lives that way, Kanata-kun, as well as I, do too.”

Chiaki to Kanata in Wisteria of May: “You promised that you would properly fight in your world, didn’t you?”

Rei to Kanata in Eccentric: “(*first part omitted*). We love you for who you are, Kanata-kun” (Note: As I don’t know the context of this and there a word whose meaning I don’t know, allow me to not translate the first part)

Yes, I’m sure everyone is the same, they love Kanata-kun for who he is. There’s no need for a reason, they want to understand each other because they like each other, it’s fun and happy so they want to be together. If they can’t get what they’re thinking themselves, then it’s alright to take as much time as they want, stepping to each other, as two human beings.

He’s one of the five oddballs, a hero and he’s good at singing too, he’s truly a mysterious one who came from the sea.

There are no techniques to check whether the colors of the sea or the colors of a flower you see are the same as other people do. What you see are everything, they’re the correct answers. Do you like Kanata-kun? If your answer is YES, then to you, he’s a treasure. And it’s the same for Kanata-kun.

Kanata in Wisteria of May: “Together with everyone”


Let’s hope that Kanata will forever stay on the “land” where he’s surrounded by love, his pair of hands will forever be with us ’til we feel warm, his heart will be happy forever.

Happy birthday, Kanata-kun!


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