It’s Keito’s birthday❤️Year 2017

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*Note: There some dialogues which I don’t know where they’re from, please tell me if you know, thank you. Without knowing where they’re from, it’s pretty hard to translate correctly because of contexts*

Keito-san is here, everyone!

He was born in a temple, he’s a senior, the vice president of the student council, president of the archery club, leader of the second strongest unit in the academy Akatsuki, he also wears glasses.

From his look, he seems pretty “serious” and he likes lecturing others, it’s seemingly hard to approach him.

I said this in last year’s article, but allow me to say it again. Out of many famous lines in “Enstars”, I like this one line of Keito-san very much.

Keito: “However, that’s not “everything” I have. Human beings, just like gem stones, are polyhedral. They possess many faces at the same time.”

This year, he has shown us many images of his to prove what he said to be true of course.

His ikemen figure wearing Japanese clothing…

His love for glasses (He even said they were his companions!)

The long-awaited “naughty era”.

He even showed himself in girl clothing! Something all producers in the whole country weren’t expecting.

Well, not only his appearance has had many various shapes to it…

The story of “Enstars” began from the revolution that occurred in Yumenosaki Academy. Of course, many idols except for the first-year know how Yumenosaki was before “the revolution that started in spring”. And this person called Keito knows about that era very well…or rather, he was in the center of that big flow.

Keito in Crossroads: “(Hang in there, Eichi. Let us make that dream of yours come true, together)”

He was also a person who stood up to change the decayed Academy.

Writers are gods in their own stories. But he’s not the protagonist of the story he has written. That story, that dream is not for his sake alone, it’s the goal which he wants to aims for together with someone. Because in many of his lines, he has said “we”, “our” instead of “I”.

Keito: “(I can’t leave this to others. We, we will change Yumenosaki)

Even though he may seem like a person who would use any means and sacrifice anyone for his own purpose, he would never completely become a monster. Being in the position of an author, a deity, he’s given himself a “role” and he’ll do his best to fulfill it. If there’s a need for a role of a villain, a role of the one who takes all the blame, then he’s ready to become a bad guy.

However, he’s neither “a capable adult” nor “the one who has achieved enlightenment” from the very start. He’s regretting his failure, struggling, worrying if what should be done so things can turn out to be better. He’s clumsy to an extent, and that’s “youth”. He understands that he’s in the important stage of life, so he accepts all, he’s determinedly moving forward without giving up.

Keito: “No need to rush, right. Youth is short but we possess limitless future. Feeling sad and hanging your head in shame would be a waste of time”

Keito: “Failure is success’ mother, necessity is success’ father. For the sake of future’s success, there’s no choice but to do what I can do now.”

Surely, in the three years he has spent in Yumenosaki, every day has been full of shocking events that he cannot relax at all, even once. He’s a person who dislikes conflicts, he just wants to talk to himself, to be a calm person.

Keito in Crossroads: “(The smells of trees and this silence… This is my origin, the indelible scenery of my childhood)”

But even when someone needs help, he’ll put off his own work and lend them a hand. To him, loving someone is not only for making up for the things you lack inside.

Keito in Crossroads: “(And I’m the son of a temple. It is a monk’s duty to help, to hold them tightly and love them, the mysterious living beings that are not loved by anyone.)”

He’s truly considerate and sensitive as much as he can be, but he never does anything to show that side of his. If a person needs his kindness, then he’ll lend a hand in a place where only that person knows, as well as when he cries, he chooses a place with no one there. Everything is for the sake of fulfilling his role of “a vice president”, “a scary upperclassman”, “a person who loves meddling”.

Keito to Tsumugi in Biblio: “At least let me atone for it. If I don’t, I can’t move on”

Keito: “(Aa, tears are coming out somehow…Is the feeling when you see your child standing up all by himself)”

Keito in Concerto: “(I was simply worrying about him. But no how many times I say, my feeling won’t reach)”

Eichi to Keito in Concerto: “I’m sick of that way of talking, Keito. Why don’t you say “I’m worried”?”

That’s why in other words, he seems like “an annoying person”. But that bothersomeness makes him human-like, it’s his charm.

There’s this one line that showed the reason why he decided to become an idol.

Keito in Crossroads: “(So I’ll use this amount of heat, which can’t be produced by just one person, to travel to the story that I alone can’t reach)”

Keito in Crossroads: “(It’s fine even if I’m not the main character, I don’t have what it takes to be one. However, I want to be an amazing character.)”

Because of being an idol, he can write such a story, he can see the beautiful sceneries from the stage. But of course, there are his friends by his sides. Without them, his dream can’t be completed.

He was born in a temple, a senior of Yumenosaki, student council’s vice president, archery club’s president, leader of the No.2 unit in Yumenosaki and he wears glasses. He seems pretty “serious” and he likes lecturing. It’s seemingly hard to approach him. But he’s actually filled with love, he’s warm and sometimes hot, and he’s a bit clumsy.

Keito to Kuro in Compensation Fes: “I’m self-aware. However, I won’t lose this time. I’ll show you that I can overtake you without falling down.”

I’m sure no matter how many times he fails, he’ll still stand up on his feet, take everyone by their hands and moving forwards. I can’t stop hoping that the way Keito-san and his friends are walking will be shone upon by a radiance forever.

Happy birthday, Keito-san!


2 thoughts on “It’s Keito’s birthday❤️Year 2017”

  1. Keito: “(I was simply worrying about him. But no how many time I say, my feeling won’t reach)”
    Eichi to Keito: “I’m sick of that way of talking, Keito. How about saying “I’m worried” then?”

    Those two seem to be from scout story, Concerto. I think.


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