It’s Mitsuru’s birthday❤️Year 2017

Original post:

Mitsuru-kun is here, everyone!

Mitsuru: “Dash, dash…~”

\Dash, dash!!/

In this one year, he’s been a very cheerful and friendly boy, he sometimes runs wildly here and there, he has shown us a very lively figure.

Oh my…He’s so cute…(really)

I wonder if there is anyone thinks he is “childish”, “a person who’s just a reckless and overly energetic boy”. If there is, then it’s unfortunate, very unfortunate.

That being said, today, I’ll try to tell you about what he thinks inside his mind, about his preciousness which is not just about him being energetic. Of course, everything is my personal interpretation, in other words, my speculation.

Everyone, how much do you remember about your childhood?

Every day is fun and sparkling. “Fun things” are “good things”, so you steadily run to what is fun. But before you can realize, you accidentally do bad things and people get mad at you, so you instantly feel down. If they’re mad at you too much, then you might think that they’re not mad at you because you do “bad things”, it’s because they “hate” you.

Mitsuru in Bad boys: “Nii-chan, I wonder if he hates me…”

It’s lonely being hated, we think so because we love the other person. “Love” is warm and pleasant, “hatred” is cold and a litttle painful, but having to hear the question “Do you hate yourself?” is quite scary. So being hated really makes yourself sink into solitude.

Mitsuru to Nazuna in Bad boys: “…Um~, I don’t want to say”

But I can feel that he does not have much experience doing something with other people from the start. Track-and-field’s contests are basically individualistic, running is like challenging yourself in the first place, there’s an aspect of its makes it seem like battling yourself.

Mitsuru to Nazuna in Bad boys: “It’s not your business. I’ve been doing fine all by myself.”

To some extent, he’s indeed not a child who cannot do anything with no one by his side rather than an adult early on. It seems he has never acted spoiled and said he’s lonely, his life is his , he knows that choosing your own path to run is the true nature of life.

Mitsuru to Tomoya in Bad boys: “Yeah, it’s my life. My own way, I’ve chosen it and I have to the only choice is to run on it.”

Mitsuru-kun, he sometimes says shocking things like that, something a kid cannot comprehend, which is similar to an adult’s viewpoint.

Mitsuru in Bad boys: “But, “cuteness” on it own can only bring us this far. We’ll grow taller soon and become adults.”

On the contrary, he has also shown one side of his that make us think that he’s still a small kid.

He’s somewhere between “a grown up” and “a child”. But when you start to think that you want to remain a child forever, that means you’re feeling that you’re becoming less and less like a child.

Mitsuru in Bad boys: “I’ve been doing whatever I like, ever since when I was a kid…”

Mitsuru in Bad boys: “I have to properly tell that to Nii-chan too. I’m glad that you love me, but I’m no longer a baby who can’t do anything on his own.”

That one moment of Mitsuru-kun, who is neither an adult nor a kid, seems like it’s happening now. Every day of Mitsuru-kun is not the same as each other because the expressions he makes each day are different. All of them are things filled with light that can only be seen at this moment.

Children will eventually grow up, they’ll grow taller a bit and start to become adults, which is a bit sad, it’s scary that you’ll have to go to the world you have never seen before. But right now, there are many friends who are by your side, the friends that you love so much that you could cry.

Mitsuru in Bad boys: “I was mistaken. As expected, I want to be with “Ra*bits”! Everyone is warm, kind, I love them, I want to be with them!”

Mitsuru-kun, who was alone, has obtained a warm and sparkling treasure. The treasure that he has decided that he will hold onto and cherish forever even if he becomes an adult. He can run and run without any worries because there’s the treasure with him.

Mitsuru in Bad boys: “In every moment, there’s the weight of every 0.1 second of the time when I made a new personal best in track-and-field. I’ll definitely not let go of them.”

I said this in last year’s article but my most favorite line of Mitsuru-kun is this out of many lines in “Enstars”.

Mitsuru to Nazuna in Bad boys: “That’s why you don’t have to worry, I can dash with full speed! But where should I go? Help me decide that please, just that!”

This, I’m sure he has lots of trust in his friend that he can say so. He’s “the super star of the future” who is equipped with a fantastic engine, and he won’t lose to anyone. But he does not aim for his the goal alone.

Mitsuru to Nazuna in Bad boys: “I’ll go ahead and make the rough path even again so that everyone won’t fall!”

He’ll jump ahead and protect everyone so that they can reach their dream, so that they can go to that place together, I can feel such strength and love from Mitsuru-kun. He has the potential which even a real adult cannot compete against, it’s hard not to think of him as “hope” it self.

Madara to Mitsuru in Wisteria of May: “Our steps are different from each other, but someday, we can run ahead of mankind.”

I’m sure everyone has known this.

Mitsuru-kun is faster than anything else, even if there’s something obstructs his way, he can overcome it and run on forever. He can someday reach a higher place than anyone else. He’ll bring everyone with him and fill the sky with sparkling light. And then, I have a feeling that he can make everyone smile with his full smile.

Happy birthday, Mitsuru-kun!


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