It’s Chiaki’s birthday❤️Year 2017

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Chiaki-senpai is here, everyone!

Chiaki: “I’m Chiaki of the burning heart! I’m the ally of justice who protects Yumenosaki Academy! Fuhahaha”

Normally, I would attach prefixes such as “san” or “kun” to the boys’ names, but none of them would fit Chiaki-senpai. Last year, I had no choice but to write “Chiaki-kun” and to be honest, I felt as if something was wrong.

I was wondering why. I think it must have been because he’s been trying to be a good “senpai” to everyone, a reliable senior and at the same time, a leader. But he’s not at all distant, everyone is like friends on the same boat.

The things about him that I want to tell you this year are not much different from last year’s. When I look back at this one year, I have a feeling that I’ve come to understand better one more time that he’s a hero, but at the same time, he’s also a human being made out of flesh and blood.

Chiaki in Crossroads: “Um. I was mocked and made fun of by them, it was painful…”

Kaoru to Chiaki in Crossroads: “Chiaki-kun looks like a good and serious kid huh~ Why are you in that disreputable “Ryuuseitai”?”

That’s the timid figure of the “Chiaki-senpai” that we know, who’s not at all the same as him now.

Yes, he was not a hero by birth.

He’s not a superhuman in the magic suit who was born somewhere in space. He’s the one who has decided to grow up from a frail boy (according to Chiaki-senpai himself) who causes trouble for his parents to a hero by his own power.

Chiaki to Keito in Crossroads: “I’ve always been a weakling, I’ve always turned a blind eye to the evils of this world. But I won’t run away anymore”

Heroes are strong, kind and cool.

They don’t complain about their mission, they will not speak out their worries and they never show their uneasiness either. That’s why, Chiaki-senpai is the same as them, he has things that needed to be hidden, things that can’t be shown to the children.

Chiaki in his Sub Story (Night Watch): “I…I…I’m not scared at all! Bring it on, I’ll take you on!”

Eichi to Chiaki in Supernova: “You’re a leader too. So you should think about fundraising to operate your unit”

Chiaki to Kanata in Wisterias of May: “Sorry, I must always smile positively. Everyone won’t be at ease if the hero shows his distressful face”

And so, he has tried to become the “cool hero” that his old self wished to be.

Sometimes he pretends to be unable to read the atmosphere.

Chiaki in Pirate Fes: “Fuhahaha! That’s a compliment! Sometimes, Justice can’t read the atmosphere…”

Sometimes he’ll look like he has no worries or doubts.

Sometimes he acts like a meddlesome ally of justice.

Chiaki to Midori in Baton Pass: “Hm? What is it? I don’t quite understand but be at ease, Takamine. My engine is at full throttle so I can protect the peace of the world”

But even if he believes in the justice in him, there’s no way to assure the other people, his words can’t reach them. Even worse, he might have hurt them. From my own viewpoint, I think that he’s been swallowing down his regrets and uneasiness and desperately trying to stand on his feet. There is one or two days when he cries all alone by himself, but when the morning comes, he’ll wipe away all the tears and laugh loudly at everyone above.

After that, there’s one more thing.

In a story, a hero will run to the people who are in need of help, help them solve their problems and gallantly leave the place. But there’s something that he must do, he has to pass on the duty of making everyone smile as well as passing on his burning flame.

Chiaki to Kanata in Baton Pass: “They must walk with on their own feet from now on. I’ll feel very worried if we keep spoiling them”

He’s a kind person, he will never ignore anyone who’s in trouble. But to be honest, his hero self that wants to help people might be getting in the way of his “senpai” self. But here, he didn’t spoil them or scold them, instead, he confessed everything about himself, about a person who is not reliable even if he’s a hero.

Chiaki in Baton Pass: “At the beginning, I was a total failure. I couldn’t do anything right, just by looking at the color red made me want to throw up”

Chiaki in Baton Pass: “Dreams usually don’t come true. But I couldn’t possibly say that in front of the kids”

Chiaki in Baton Pass: “Everyone is living while complaining “Why!?” because of those unpredictable twists that manipulate their life”

That’s the “uncool” part that he’d never show us up until now. I think that when he let out all of his honest thoughts, he wanted to say that “You yourself is not the only weakling here”, which are surely the words he’d been searching for in his childhood. A hero who will say to you that you’re not alone even when you feel lonely, affirm your weak self and tell you “It’s alright”.

Chiaki in Hero Show: “Thanks. When I catch a cold, I’ll become helpless, so I feel like I’ll gain courage when there’s someone by my side”

Chiaki in Supernova: “Facing us, acknowledging us, telling us that it’s fine. They’ll give us peace of mind and they’ll drive away all evil intentions”

He can’t become Superman or Ultraman, he’s a hero in the real sense of the word. He gets close to people’s hearts and makes them smile, I think he himself has become a hero.

Chiaki in Baton Pass: “A hero doesn’t need to be repaid, or rewarded. But if I have been loved and thanked and made someone’s crying face smile…”

Even when he can’t be in the same place with you, if you wish for help, desire to meet him then he’ll be running to you with full speed.

Chiaki: “I’ll always say this, “You’re not alone””

After bringing a smile to everyone’s face, he’ll smile too and promise to meet them again.

Chiaki in Baton Pass: “Fufufun~ Let us introduce ourselves confidently with the brightest smile and the biggest voice ever!”

He’s an ally of justice who will never lose to anyone.

Chiaki-senpai, the superhero that everyone forever loves.

Happy birthday, Chiaki-senpai!



1 thought on “It’s Chiaki’s birthday❤️Year 2017”

  1. Chiaki: “I…I…I’m not scared at all! Bring it on, I’ll take you on!”

    From Chiaki Morisawa’s Sub Story // Night Watch ( (Night Horror) Card ). The story is quite…something LOL. FYI


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