It’s Ritsu’s birthday❤️Year 2017

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Ritsu-kun is here, everyone!

If you think about it, this boy makes it hard for me to express his charm (not in a bad way). I’ll put aside my lack of sufficiency as a reader and a writer temporarily. I see Ritsu-kun as a person who never shows his thoughts or anything inside him as much as possible.

He always seems sleepy and lazy.

He makes pastries that look scary (but taste delicious) like usual.

Eichi to Ritsu: “Ritsu’s pastries’ designs are just like avant-garde art as always”

He calls himself a “vampire”, but he doesn’t seem to be joking, his true form still remains a mystery.

Hajime to Ritsu: “Eek, you can’t drink blood”

On the surface, he looks quite elusive. To tell the truth, if I were to become his classmate, I wouldn’t say that I have the confidence to befriend him. Even if I tried to get close to him, I have a feeling that I would be rejected on the spot.

Ritsu: “I’m pretty whimsical, you see. Even though I’ve been like this ’til now, I might’ve changed my view just before now”

I said this last year, he doesn’t get involved with other people actively, he always gazes at everyone from a far distance or just sleeps. But that seems like he “gives up hanging out with people halfway” rather than not having any interest in them. He was even more aloof and more lazy to do anything when he first entered the school than now.

Ritsu to Mao in Spring Cherry Blossoms and a Night’s Encounter: “Uh~ I sleep then I wake up, I inhale then I exhale… But am I really “living”? Maybe I’m just “not dead yet””

But I can gradually sense the warmth that he naturally possesses and his transformation in this one year, it’s like a locked freezing gate has been melting down, the gentle light in him has finally shone out.

If we look at all the progress he has made this far again, we can see that there were many impressive words.

Eichi to Ritsu in Monochrome Checkmate: “It’s like you’re being extinguished by the light of the great being beside you and you’re struggling against it out of hatred and dissatisfaction” (*Note: Before saying this, Eichi asked Ritsu if Ritsu himself want Eichi to help him prove his own existence and worth*)

Eichi to Ritsu in Monochrome Checkmate: “But what the difference between that and a corpse stuffed in a coffin anyway?” (*Note: Eichi said this after Ritsu rejected his offer*)

Was he starved for love? Or was he too sensitive that he felt confused at the changes of the surrounding environment? From the moment he entered the school ’til the revolution broke out, or even far before that, Ritsu had thought a lot about many things so that he could live in this world, he had been doing his best to get used to the dazzling sunlight.

It starts from one-to-one to one-to-many. To live in the world of “human”, you must not be all by yourself. He thought about how he should have behaved among the strangers, comrades, and friends, what they would give him and what he would be able to give back. And how he learned all of that is summarized by these words.

Ritsu to Arashi in Starfes: “If you don’t get involved with anyone, then you won’t be hurt”

Ritsu to Arashi in Starfes: “But that’s not living, Nacchan. It’s very sad ending your life in the coffin, below the ground…”

If you only look at the outside, he still looks quite slovenly even now. But he’s not the type of person to ignore what he must do, it’s just that his pace is different from others, he’ll definitely accomplish what he must do. He’s always been a capable person. That doesn’t seem to be something significant but in fact, it’s very difficult.

Ritsu to Izumi in Monochrome Checkmate: “Thanks, you have helped me. I’ll definitely return the favor”

This person, although his heart has grown more mature and more positive than before, I have a feeling that he’s trying not to show such changes to other people as much as he can. That doesn’t mean that he dislikes hearing “You’ve changed”, it seems that he considers the changes to be his own things and he doesn’t want people to praise him for them, he doesn’t take pride in them either. He’s just like a sublime wild cat.

He’s fluffy and whimsical. Look away for a bit and he’ll be gone and it’ll be very hard to catch a hold of him.

Even so, hidden inside his heart are the genial love and gentleness, reach out to him with love and you will see.

Rei to Ritsu in Setsubun: “Pour down your kindness and love like a blessed rain and let the countless number of flowers bloom”

It’s fine living without forcibly stretching yourself.
It’s okay not trying hard every time.
If the light is too strong, it’s fine opening your eyes little by little.

He’ll open his eyelids slowly and he’ll come to a place not too far, a place where your hands can’t reach him and give you a relaxed smile.

Happy birthday, Ritsu-kun!


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