Some updates about Drama CD and birthday articles

I added new English subtitled drama CDs to the Drama CD section, please check it out ❤️
Also, as announced by Gamegift, the birthday article series “telling about boys’ charm in my own way” ended in September. Starting from October, a new series called “3 best lines chosen by me” will start. Basically, from now on, the writer (Tamao) will tell you about the a boy (in her own point of view) using three lines that boy has said (past events+current events), unlike the previous series where she only used the nearest events

One more thing, there are three birthday aricle series in total. The previous “telling about the boys’ charms in my own way” ended last month. My blog doesn’t have articles from the first series and as for the second series, I found out about the second series’ birthday articles on Akiomi’s birthday, so my blog only has birthday articles of who were born on the same month as Akiomi to September 2017 (Sorry about that).
That’s all ❤️


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