It’s Yuzuru’s birthday❤️Year 2017

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*It’s featureless deep under the mask (From The flag of honor * Flowerfes)

Yuzuru to Wataru in Flowerfes: “It’s featureless deep under the mask”

So Yuzuru will be the one to mark the start of this project, which is quite difficult for me because this person does not show “himself” on the surface much. He’s a servant through and through, an unsung hero, a prompter who’s hiding in the shadow.

That line above was his answer for what Wataru (who just became his comrade in the same unit) said “You are wearing a mask, I am very curious about the face under it” in the event Flowerfes in spring.

I thought that he said something quite scary, “I’m expressionless, my face has no expressions on it. So it is up to you to judge what kind of person I am”. He’s an idol who’s standing on the same stage as everyone else does, and at the same time, he won’t show anything of his “self”. Moreover, he has been told by Wataru something that means “You have talents. However, I cannot see your passion”. I think that this will become a challenge to him (as an idol), as well as a challenge to his way of living.

*I have found the meaning of living. My current self has become much stronger than the me you know (From Ibara’s story “Into a lovely rose”)

Yuzuru to Ibara in Ibara’s story: “No, I will not be killed. I have found the meaning of living. My current self has become much stronger than the me you know.”

Yes, this line is ranked in the top of my list. This part also makes me feel very concerned about their relationship.

Let us return to “Flowerfes” for a bit.

Yuzuru in Flowerfes: “Because I am no longer a stray dog. In Yumenosaki, I am obedient and on good behavior.”

This one also has an impact. He’s different now and that means he used to be “not obedient”, “a stray dog”. Saying such a thing to a companion whom he just met at the beginning of spring makes me feel as if there was a restraint, in a sense.

He got admitted into Yumenosaki at the same time as Tori did, and so he himself is another transfer student. And then he became a butler, his life changed and idol became his goal, the world he was living in changed completely. In a sense, by turning from a stray dog that lived by its instinct to a butler who serves other people and an idol who makes his radiance shine out to everyone his stiff surface was supposed to be cured, but even so, he will still be able to say that he himself is the strongest in the present. While I’m at it, I think that what he said also means “I (in the present) am the happiest person”, although he has never actually said so.

To us readers, even if what the boys have said are just casual, there are their experience and thoughts which we could pick up some meanings from two or three layers, but no one knows if those are true or not. I don’t want to read too much into things but as one of the people who support him, I feel very happy that I can hear him say those words nevertheless.

*Tori…! (From Dance performance! Thoughts that bridge the Milky Way)

Yuzuru in Milky Way: “Tori…!”

Sorry for being late in saying this, the lines I’ve chosen are in no particular order. So this one is not number 1 to me but I personally think it’s the most impactful so I’ve saved it for the last.

In this story (which is commonly called Milky Way), we were able to see quite many sides of his. Namely “Joy, anger, pathos, humor” (and later, “love”), everything was there, don’t you agree?

Maybe he has an observing eye. In the lines below, you can see that he took a step back to take a good look at everyone with a determination that showed no sign of timidity to anyone.

Yuzuru to Eichi in Milky Way: “Unlike your tone of voice, you look quite impatient. We are in front of young master, so I ask you to be dignified even if it’s just a bluff.”

Yuzuru to Tori in Milky Way: “If you are a gentleman then please act more elegantly and proudly in the battlefield.

It’s something like his resolution, the resolution to choose his current lifestyle, loneliness, and joy as an idol.

Yuzuru in Milky Way: “Please use me, as a chess piece, a tool or a dog whenever you want to. You have all the rights to do so.”

With a line where he just called his master’s name shortly (Moreover, we rarely see him call people without using honorifics like this), I feel like I can see the passion he’s carrying. Although he always seems so calm, there was a single moment when there was flame in his eyes. And that flame will forever burn under his eyelids.

Why has he been trying to devote everything to his master? The reason still has not been told yet. I dare say that he also has had the same resolution and enthusiasm to do so. That’s how I feel, that line left behind a strong impression of him.

+Bonus: Line that makes me laugh

I’m still exploring this kind of project so maybe it’ll change from now on, but for this article, the bonus section will be here.

This is a well-known (?) line in Enstars. Some more spontaneous words that were right on the mark from a person who’s seemingly serious. And so…

*”(With people like our president are the first ones on the list) Is that the thing where many powerful people gathered to make a big racket for fun?” (From Robin Hood)

Yuzuru to Tsukasa in Robin Hood: “Is that the thing where many powerful people gathered to make a huge racket for fun?”

When it comes to Yuzuru, the super famous event, the super touching event “Judgement” is like that. As expected of the servant with a sharp tongue (his tagline). This person’s wicked expression is truly the best (in a good way). He even used a chainsaw. In “Daikagura! Celebratory New Year Live”, he used a clever art of narration to act as a host, and it’s a sure thing that with that he can make a high-ranking person or a tough person laugh. From now on as well, I want him to unleash his impactful way of talking again with a nonchalant face, as well as his master artist style.

And now, I wish that he will smile from his heart, that he will feel the joy and happiness. I also wish that for the next one year, he’ll show us more and more expressions.

Happy Birthday, Fushimi Yuzuru!


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  1. I also think it’s rather messy, maybe because the writer used both past events and new events’ quotes so it gets kind confusing. Maybe it’ll become better in the future, in the mean time, I’ll just find a way to translate so that it’ll be easier to understand~


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