It’s Yuzuru’s birthday💚

Original post: *It's featureless deep under the mask (From The flag of honor * Flowerfes) Yuzuru to Wataru in Flowerfes: "It's featureless deep under the mask" So Yuzuru will be the one to mark the start of this project, which is quite difficult for me because this person does not show "himself" on the surface… Continue reading It’s Yuzuru’s birthday💚


Some updates about Drama CD and birthday articles

I added new English subtitled drama CDs to the Drama CD section, please check it out ❤️  Also, as announced by Gamegift, the birthday article series “telling about boys’ charm in my own way” ended in September. Starting from October, a new series called “3 best lines chosen by me” will start. Basically, from now… Continue reading Some updates about Drama CD and birthday articles


It’s Chiaki’s birthday💚

Original post:   Chiaki-senpai is here, everyone! Chiaki: "I'm Chiaki of the burning heart! I'm the ally of justice who protects Yumenosaki Academy! Fuhahaha" Normally, I would attach prefixes such as "san" or "kun" to the boys' names, but none of them would fit Chiaki-senpai. Last year, I had no choice but to write… Continue reading It’s Chiaki’s birthday💚


It’s Mitsuru’s birthday💚

Original post: Mitsuru-kun is here, everyone! Mitsuru: "Dash, dash...~" \Dash, dash!!/ In this one year, he's been a very cheerful and friendly boy, he sometimes runs wildly here and there, he has shown us a very lively figure. Oh my...He's so cute...(really) I wonder if there is anyone thinks he is "childish", "a person who's… Continue reading It’s Mitsuru’s birthday💚


It’s Keito’s birthday💚

Original post: *Note: There some dialogues which I don't know where they're from, please tell me if you know, thank you. Without knowing where they're from, it's pretty hard to translate correctly because of contexts* Keito-san is here, everyone! He was born in a temple, he's a senior, the vice president of the student… Continue reading It’s Keito’s birthday💚


It’s Kanata’s birthday💚

Original post: Kanata-kun is here, everyone! I present you this article as my goal is to tell the charm of that character. Everyone has his own good points and flaws, to introduce idols that who can be interpreted in different ways, it's quite difficult, to be honest. Among them, the one stands on top of… Continue reading It’s Kanata’s birthday💚