It’s Adonis’ birthday💚

Original post: Adonis-kun is here, everyone! Those are the newest CGs from this year. So what do you think about this gap moe? He has a flexible and beautiful stature that resembles a beast, it's pure and there's no trace of mud to be found. Something like that... I did say this in last… Continue reading It’s Adonis’ birthday💚


It’s Midori’s birthday💚

Original post: Midori-kun is here, everyone! Midori in Scroll of the Elements: "So depressing, I want to die... I hate this lack of communication skill of mine..." We said this in last year's article already but this year he has made the troubled face almost every time... Midori to Subaru in Baton Pass: "Hah... Um,… Continue reading It’s Midori’s birthday💚

Birthday, Jun

It’s Jun’s birthday💚

Original post: Jun-kun is here, everyone! He's the second idol of the unit that's proud of their popularity within the current era of the industry, "Eve" of Reimei Academy. His appeal!!! Is too much!!!!! (This sounds like extortion...) Even though his appearance (eyes?) is a bit scary but he's unexpectedly polite. Jun to Mao… Continue reading It’s Jun’s birthday💚


It’s Tsumugi’s birthday💚

Original post:   Tsumugi-san is here, everyone! It has been a year since the day he made his debut, one year means it's about time for his birthday, so today, allow me to tell you about him after almost a year. Tsumugi: "Oh, sorry for being late in introducing. I'm Aoba Tsumugi, I'm in the… Continue reading It’s Tsumugi’s birthday💚


It’s Hiyori’s birthday💚

Original post:   Hiyori-kun is here, everyone! He's a character from a different school within the "Ensemble Stars!" universe...! Hiyori in Summer Live: "Now then, everyone must have been eagerly waiting for me. I'm Hiyori from "Eve"...~" He belongs to a veteran unit called "Eve" of "Reimei Academy" which specializes in training idols, similar… Continue reading It’s Hiyori’s birthday💚


It’s Hajime’s birthday💚

Original post: Hajime-kun is here, everyone! Without delay, allow me to show you my favorite card of his in the past year. Yup, an angel!! Yup, so cute!! Just by looking at Hajime's CGs, I feel as if my heart is purified...!! That's being said, he has brought his angelic side into full play… Continue reading It’s Hajime’s birthday💚